Life Problems

Pill Box Party

So. Ive been busy. 

I went to comic con in bournemouth, got a jacket and a necklace and some posters… basically spent a silly amount of money..on things I had to have. Let’s face it they were essential… *cough*.

No they’re not signed. They’re printed that way. But they’re still awesome. 

The back of my awesome jacket which. By the way..


I’m planning on covering it in patches. I already have a J that I can iron on. But I need an iron…

So yeah. I went to that. And now I’ve been having mild panic attacks over the fact that I have to pay for flights next month and then pay Nat back for centre parcs and have money left for doing centre parcs and buy christmas presents. … and birthday presents … and still afford the bus every week.. and of course the dentist this month that I have to give god knows how much to so that they’ll take out 3 of my teeth

Kill me. 

At least I have something to do in the mean time of my pressure filled days of being broke.

I bought wool. “Mermaid” wool. It’s delicious. Like candy floss.


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