Love Problems


Okay so I found out a week or so ago that Carl might be coming back in January. Or is meant to be at this moment in time.

It was only a short dream.. I think. I don’t remember much of it if it was any longer than this.

I’m not sure where I was but it was me and him and three other people. We were at a hotel clearing up and packing away and everyone was sort of panicking about the time because of a train they were going to miss. 

“I’ll just run them to the train station and then I’ll be back to help you pack and then I’ll drive you home” – Carl

“Okay, thanks for this, we would have been pretty stuck otherwise” – me 

“Don’t worry about it” – Carl. Then he slipped on his usual grey super dry jacket and picked up his keys and left the room. 

Everything sort of faded out and the dream skipped foward to us sitting at the table with a bowl of noodle soup each. 

“….I know you like me. It’s just kind of awkward” – Carl 

“…why is it awkward?..” – me 

“Well… I have a girlfriend..” – Carl 

“So?.. I know that… surely it should be less awkward?” – me 

He just kind of nodded and smile frowned. So I assumed he disagreed. 

Then the dream skipped foward again. More packing, just shoving piles of stuff into suitcases.talking about random stuff. Then he just stopped and turned to look at me. 

“To hell with it.. theres just one thing that I want to try before I go to Connecticut…” – Carl 

Then he started leaning in and the next thing I know I was almost litrally jumping at the oppertunity to kiss him. It was slow and soft…and there was tongue… only a little bit towards the end.

“Or I could just stay here.. which ever” – Carl 

I just kind of laughed and the kissing continued and faded off into a black skip ahead into the next part of the dream. 

We were done packing, walking through the lobby of the hotel I guess, with a trolly of stuff in one hand and his hand in the other. When we ran into some people that Carl must have known and he let go. 

“What are you still doing here? Arn’t you supposed to be getting married”- strange woman

Surfice to say my face fell from awkward polite smile to a confused and hurt frown.

He just looked at me some what expressionless and said “uh.. no, that’s not happening anymore” 

I did smile a little and then I woke up. To the best of my knowledge.

I feel pretty pathetic. I mean. It’s such a dumb thing to have a dream about…


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