When You See it

The bullshit that is.

It gets more and more obvious as time goes by.

I am genuinely disappointed. I thought this guy was intrested in me. He was being ‘rude’. And I got myself in a genuinely odd state of panic over the answers and chatter. 

And then I realised something. I’ll show you the revelation of conversation. I am the blue boxes.

So things went downhill at second to last message. 

And hit dead weight on the last. 

I’m sorry. I can’t do fuck and run. I’m not that person. It genuinely takes me a world of time to be comfortable holding a person’s hand. Or even just being around them. 

I am not fuck buddy competent. 

I may be emotionally stunted but unfortunately it’s not in a way that allows me to be a whore. 

I don’t think I’ve been Not dissapointed in a person that I’ve liked when they “like me” back. Not in 7 years. How depressing is that.  

I get that realisation ” oh… well shit I guess I like them..” 

Then they open their mouths and ruin it.

“Ah…. nevermind then”



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