Life Problems

Detective Inspector Me

I love books.

Not all of them. Some are hard to read and others are dreadfully dull. 

There are 4 checks that make a good story for me. Not necessarily because the story is actually any good. I’m just very boring. 

1. First person narrative. 

It’s easier to be totally immersed  (for me) if it reads like my inner monologue. 

2. Fantasy/Magic or Monsters.

Let’s face it. Everything is better with magic.

3. Weird and Random Character personality.

Always more fun if the main character has some strange characteristic. Pompose or eccentric.

4. (And not entirely required) romance. 

I like an little bit of fairytale and happy ending thrown into the mix.
With that being said. It’s time for me to read my book. 

Skulduggery Pleasent,

A.k.a – Detective Inspector Me.


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