Life Problems

When You Can’t Sleep

And your friends are busy.

At work or sleeping.
What do you do?

I think of all the things I do. The things I wish I could and the things I regret not ever doing. 

I wish I could roll out of bed and not spend an hour worrying about how ‘presentable’ my face is. That I could drink some coffee, put on some mascara and just leave for work. 

I wish I could still sit at the back of the bus and not feel like I’m making someone panic that they’re being stalked or watched because of mildly unfortunate coincidences.

But I mostly wish I had always trusted myself. 

Im always right when its important. Not usually in regards to my own life or anything really abut myself. Other people are easy though. They tell you everything you need to know. In the way they smile, or don’t.  In the way they stare. Where they sit or how they act. 

People are like books. Some have less words per page. Some are longer than others and some are far too complicated for my brain to deal with. But all are readable if you try hard enough.


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