Temptation and Turmoil

Step one of five dentist visits have been lived through. There was a point towards the end where I had to dig my nails into my own hands to stop from shaking involuntarily.

I was pretty close to having a panic attack. It wasn’t bad, I wasn’t in any pain I was just getting that fantastic sinking feeling that you get when something is not going to plan and no one explains anything to you so you have the great fun of having to guess quietly to yourself and the ideas just get worse and worse… 

I survived though. Evidently.

I was meant to be up to leave at 7am… that didn’t happen. I was an hour and a half late for work and I couldn’t stay to get the hours back… it suckeD. The first time in a year that I’ve over slept though so that’s something?

I almost want to get up that early tomorrow just to make up for the fact that I should have today. But I won’t.  I’d have nothing to do for four hours and that would drive me insane… though I could just sit and read my book.

On the side of temptation.. I have no money till Friday.  And it’s my friends birthday so I thought I would buy her just an array of halloween things from work. And a “it’s so fluffy I want to die” unicorn bubble bath. Cover it in halloween tinsel and boom. Best birthday bumper pack ever. 

That’s the plan anyway. 

I should sleep long day tomorrow.


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