Lemons of Life #2

“When life gives you lemons. Make lemonade” 

Intresting fact about lemonade. 

You need sugar. Sometimes even a snippet of mint. 

But the fact of the matter is that if all you ever get from life, is lemons. All you can make is lemon juice. And let’s face it. The only thing you can do with lemon juice is mostly harmful. 

You can drink a shot of it every moring to be thinner.

You can throw it in people’s eyes and blind them. 

You can rub it in their open wounds to hurt them more. 

… lemons make your insides bitter. 


I’m tired. Today wasn’t so bad. 

I make “legos” and mostly sat down. 

I didn’t have to get up till 8:45 and I’m already going home.

And I have two days off. One of which is ear marked for the unfortunate return of the Lord and drug master from the very start of this blog.


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