Life Problems · Love Problems

Self Distruction 

I think I’m falling down the rabbit hole.

Not the fantastic fantasy dream from Alice in wonderland. 

It’s more the sort of rabbit hole where you land in mud and are surrounded by giant insects and beetles and mutant worm creatures. Where the floor is just upside down push pins and so on and so forth. 

I haven’t done anything today. 

I watch a couple of movies. Realised how unfair life is and then I tidied my room. 

Now I’m just sitting with my feet on my bed while my dog sleeps on the pile of my dirt clothes that covers the foot end of my bed. 

I just wish something would happen. That I could have a day or two of movie grade life. Where everything starts off normal and boring and then something completely unexplainable happens and I end up in the middle of no where at 6am watching the sun come up with a story to tell or a strangers shoes pressed against mine. 

Not just work. And sleep. And pub.


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