Let The Leaves Fall Where They May

Yay for the dentist. Well… not really.I had two done at once today. But he filled them in white to be nice to me (no idea why). 

Almost had a panic attack because I was only expecting to have one done and then I had litrally no clue what instruments he was shoving into my mouth. I just dug my nails into my hand and pulled my shit together as best I could.. it slowed the shaking at least.

I was numb for such a long time though I had work and it genuinely looked like i’d had a stroke or really terrible botox. It hurts to smile. I think it’s where he put the needles but I can’t be sure.

Saw bus guy today. It’s a week or so since I’ve seen him around what with me missing my early buses anD such. I wish It could be chill like I could smile and he wouldnt look at me as if he was about to leg it if I moved any closer. Like christ just say hello sometime so I don’t feel quiet so horrific about being within a mile radius.


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