Life Problems

Cold, Flu and FUNdementals

Good marrow. 

I did not go to the pub on Friday.  I got sent home from work on Saturday and I spent all but 5 hours asleep on Sunday. 

I feel awful. I’m either too hot or too cold.there are spiders in my bed and I have a hospital appointment in three ish weeks. During my week off. 

I like the concept of being ill. It makes me not want anything. And thus I have managed to keep hold of a little money (towards a friends birthday week and her present). I can’t find my sleeping tablets though and it’s hard to sleep properly. I might need to take them while I’m away in December but I’m hoping not. 

Next week is halloween and Ive got my outfit planned. Office wear with a cardigan and name badge then I’m going to paint myself a pastel colour and paint big black spider eyes on my face and wear horns. It will be awesome .

Other than that I mostly just want to go to bed.

Which I will do now.

I hope..



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