Life Problems


IS it just me or are these cups entirely infesting?  I don’t like them. 

Anyway. What’s up kid? 

No you can’t have that..why?… it’s my drink.. I paid for hat you little shit fuck.

Sit down and shut up for fuck sake.
So… today went okay. I forgot my fleece so I was shit fuck cold for 6 hours and I missed the bus. hence my chilling in costa with his honeycomb latte thing.. the cream was good.. But the rest is just.. latte-y. 

I don’t know what I’m going the do with myself at the moment. one footbinfront of the other and that kind of bullshit. I tried to tidy my room. I want to rearrange and throw away some things that I’ve not needed of thought of using in the last …oh.. 4 years. 

I feel like I don’t really have any reason of being right now. I’m sure I do on some low ladder of hive mind reasons to be. 

I can barely bring myself to care about anyone else at this point in time other than a select few. If I could I would just go to bed and stay there for a few weeks. Make a fort and bury myself in pillows and covers and not emerge till spring.

I like the winter. It’s pretty. Everyone has lights and sparkles and even the world makes it all crispy and shine in the middle of the night. But it’s cold and that’s not something I cope well with I guess. 

Always torn in two x


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