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Ex-pectations and Ex-tortion

This is a week of ex’s. My friends, mine, it’s basically turning into hell…inside of already hell.

So let’s just talk about mine because he’s a bigger problem than the retard from work that’s thinks he actually has a use or friends.

So…Jho wants to be friends. now I can handle sarcastic friends, or entirely untouchy jokey dumb chat friends. 

What I can’t handle is the shit he comes out with. no matter what kind of joke or point he’s trying to make.

I’m the blue.

Now I don’t think he gets it. I hate him. He ruined my life. He cheated on me and abandoned me for a week before bothering to say anything. Not to mention he moved in with her before he ignored me for that week. I don’t want to hear him telling me that “I matter to him” or “I miss you” or “you mean a lot to me” 

If I meant anything to that asshole he would never have done that shit to me. I don’t want invitations to go and see him or live there I don’t want him to come here and see me. I want to be silent friends that occasionally pop up twice a year and just be like “hey. Life? .. cool.  bye” 

I hate him I hate him I hate him.


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