Life Problems

Page 44

Im taking a break from my book.

Just a short one (I’m so tired)

I have the hospital on Tuesday.  That’s something  like 34 hours away. I’m kind of terrified. I don’t think I want to go. I don’t want to get stabbed in the arm and face and have someone cutting away at my gums and teeth. I’ve got films and my new book to read and GOT season one to watch. Hopefully it won’t hurt too much. I forsee me waking up and just being horrifically childish and crying uncontrollably and wishing for death.. 

I need to clean my room also. guess I’ll be doing that tomorrow while I’m not feeling sorry for myself. 

Im glad this whole unpleasantness is happening during my week off though because there’s no way in hell i’d go to work the day after being butchered.

I dreamt yesterday that I went to the dentist and there was a creepy girl instead of my regular guy and she was making fun of me and trying to fill my teeth with this weird brown mud/food slop mixture and the receptionist didn’t believe me that she was trying to fuck me up and …it was just so awful I really have no words.


Haunted x


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