Life Problems

2am Reasoning 

Nothing good happens after 2am. 

But technically I’m in bed and I haven’t done anything and that’s why I’m sure the thoughts are still good. 

I’m thinking about motivations.

A few months ago I wanted to do some things. Probably not for a specifically good reason. But the end results would still have been for the better no matter the aimed outcome. Some people told me the reasons weren’t good ones and I think I’ve only just now realised . ..fuck your logic. 

If you want to do something. do it. 

Obviously I’m not talking about stupid shit. don’t get a guy or girls name tattooed on your ass when you’ve known them for three days. or start doing meth. 

But It doesn’t matter why you decide to do something as long as the the end result is for the better of you. no matter the social outcome.

Like wanting to learning to drive. Not because you want to drive or think it will help you get from a to b.but  because you want to travel to see someone more often e.g. a potential girl/boyfriend.

Just do it. Even if your not talking to that person once you cross the finish line or stop shortly after. you can drive. congratulations. you managed something. 

My point is. Just because it sounds like a stupid reason to do it to other people. It doesn’t mean it’s not worth doing. 

Don’t let other people’s opinions on your motivations stop you from doing better in life. 

Do. whatever. the. fuck. you. want.

On the flip side of this. 

It’s okay not to understand the reason behind someones motivation when they explain it to you. Just say you don’t get it but that you’re happy they’re doing it. you never know when a person is clinging to the last threads of motivation, or clutching at straws just to get through chunks of time in their life. 

If they’re doing it for someone else. Let them. 

You never know if you’re ruining the last effort they have when you tell them it’s a stupid reason.

Any reason can be a good one if it’s for the best.


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