Life Problems

Pre-apocalypse of Triviality 

So .. do you ever have a great day .. no not great. Just a day and it’s normal. It’s not good or bad. It’s a day. And you exist within it. And suddenly the dark creeps in. a horrible mon tone mist that just screams horrible things to you? 

Yeah that’s my day.

I don’t feel great. I’ve taken a sleeping tablet so in genral I’m foggy and not entirely lucid which helps. 

The head whispering has begun again. 

The voices that say “oh no.. this won’t do. your just not good at anything. It’s no wonder no one wants to be with you.” weather ts about my physical appearance or my mental capabilities. 

I guess it’s just something I should expect to rear it’s head when things are fine. 

Tired now. 

Don’t forget your shoes. 

And don’t forget to bring me tea.


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