Life Problems

It’s One Of Those Nights 

The ones where all your thoughts  congeal and weigh down your head. 

They don’t even follow any kind of real pattern if I’m honest…

Today went by too quickly. I’m not even tired. I got up at 9am. suddenly it was 1pm I got the post and the next thing I knew it was 10:50pm and I had burnt my pizza. 

If anyone asked me what I had done today I wouldn’t know what to tell them. I played a game. set up my kindle. realised I had no books and tote it away to charge for a time I might be able to buy a book or a stylus to sketch with. 

Other than that I’ve been …waiting I guess. tomorrow will probably be the same. That’s a horrifying thought. 
I’ve been having random thoughts. this one’s a little overly morbid I suppose but also weirdly comforting. I was watching TV and the old ladies husband died and she went on with her life as you’re meant to do. And I thought I wouldnt manage it. I can’t even get out of bed when someone ‘leaves me’ for weeks. I would probably drop dead of anxiety and grief.  So evidently if I ever get married I’ll have to make them promise to let me die first. They can go on without me much easier than I will go on without them I’m sure. 

Like I said morbid. But true.

Do you ever think things like that? 

Give yourself little mental post it notes on things you must tell those people that don’t and probably won’t ever exist? 

Have entire conversations with people in imaginary situations that you’ll never get so far with them as to have…? 

I don’t know. 

What did I do today?


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