Life Problems

When worlds fall away

Are you ever just content in a Daydream? 

Happily humming along and then you realise that everything is just the average bleek English day it always is? Say goodbye to wonderland and saddle up for monotone and uncomfortable reality.

My average day isn’t so bad and to be honest this one wasn’t either. It started off so well and I was happy chatting with the catapillar while he smoked his opium bong and I continued with my work. 

Then break time rolled around and …I don’t know it was like everything had changed. Like I’d left happy little daydreams at the staff room door and walking back out to black and white torture.. 

People are so stupid. Altogether uninteresting and slow at the worst of times.. I don’t like Christmas in retail. Its wholely hell with more fire and slavery of Santa’s workshop .. I guess that makes me an elf. There’s n upside to everything. 

My tooth aches. I had ibuprofen it didn’t door much really. Knowing my luck I’ll need antibiotics throughout my friend birthday event. Oh well.. I can dream I guess. 

Better sleep. 

See ya


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