Friend Problems · Life Problems

Back Burner

So I have a couple of posts I’ve put aside. I have a half a rough draft and I’m not sure I’m springy enough brain wise to get everything down. 

In a short conclusion for my friends birthday at Center Parcs .. it was great fun. some days were better than others and there was a few occasions I didn’t perticularly feel great about being there. But they mostly revolve around the fact that I didn’t really have anyone to talk to while everyone else did. not really their fault. But slightly hypocritical after a speech about not being on phones all week. 

I know it wasn’t exactly a relaxing environment to be in 80% of the time but still. 

The activities were fun and had someone not brought their (openly unwanted and frankly  arrogant boyfriend) I’m sure it would have been a lot easier to chatter and play games between the four of us.

Life is never going to go exactly how you planned it but it wasn’t so bad when there was things we had to do.


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