Life Problems

Hope and Horror

So again avoiding a detailed story of last week.. Its odd it feels like it didn’t really happen. Like I was sleeping for a few minutes. 

On to hope. So its odd. I guess I never considered that guys could ever get truely excited about a girl in a way that is more than just yay sex. 

One of my friends… Druid as I have refered to him in past events. Has been crazy gushing about this girl he met. And in all honesty its awesome. He sounds like such a girl but its so much nicer than listening to guys say things like “yeah she’s well fit” or “I’d bang that” its just like how I’ve felt about people and I guess its comforting to know that its not just me that gets all weird and googol eyed about people. More so in this instance. Some what restores my faith in the male species. 

Now I guess the horror..

I’ve been so alone today .. And yesterday that I’ve started posting nonsense on my Facebook. I don’t want to bother anyone. I just about managed to send a picture to Bry of this awesome leather armour kit that I need to make for LARP but I felt intrusive and backed away quickly. 

Truely beautiful. 

But I’ve really not had much to do. I’ve been watching Jonathan creek. The twins effect. 10 things I hate about you (anyone else just really really miss Heath Ledger? He was beautiful ) and painting my nails with colour change Polish. 

Eh at least it’s late enough to drug myself to get some sleep now.

Never let the dreams fade x

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