Life Problems


So today has been an odd one. 

I have felt so ill the last couple of days but only really in the afternoons. Surprisingly not to do with the wines I had yesternight. Its pretty bad at the moment though. My mouth is pre-puke salivating like crazy but I’m really not up for following through with that idea. 

Moving on to a different story. I feel kind icky with myself. There’s this guy that comes into work and he’s attractive… Married with a not that old baby. He always seems to forget something and comes back in by himself and I can’t help but feel like I’m eye fucking him every time. He makes me all flustered and its just so weird and awkward. 

Moving on again but kind of in the same area. Thanks to the unfortunate stalking skills (exaggeration calm your tits) of my friend I’ve been kind of paranoid about Carl stalking me. He isn’t. That would be weird and dumb. But I have to admit that so far the longest he’s been away from Facebook after I’ve posted something (that I’ve noticed) is ten minutes. Its dumb of me to be so weirder out by it because there’s no way its not coincidental but… Well you know how I like to let go and then run after the false hope and cling for dear life. So yeah.. That’s my new stalker angle “I wanted to make sure you weren’t stalking me” 


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