Life Problems


Hey guys.

So I wanted to have a little rant about 2016. It hasn’t been the best year. Especially if you’re a celebrity. But in general it’s been pretty shit anyway.

I honestly just can’t wait for this year of mild hell to be over. But knowing my fortune it’s only going to get worse. how am I starting my new year? 

In a club. in bournemouth. sitting in a corner looking after my friends shit while she stands awkwardly at the edge of the dance floor and wonders why her life isn’t “that great”. 

I regret the decision to go out for new year. Maybe it won’t be so bad… maybe a prince in shiney white gold armour will sit and keep me company for an hour. 

All I really know is that even if I could be in all the places I’ve been invited to at once.. all of me’s would still have a shit time. 

Merry new year


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