Life Problems


So .. I don’t know where to start really. 

I ache or hurt all over. I’m tired because I can’t sleep properly. I’m hungry 24/7. I’m on amoxcillin. I walked into a door this morning. I missed my bus while I was waiting for my medication (which wasn’t so bad. I just had to walk around the other road to catch it before it left town). I’m 98% sure the reason for my shoulder problem is the back tills at work. And the new store manager sounds like an uptight psychopath. 

“She’s very strict.” 

“You’ll need yo log off the computer when you’re doing things. otherwise it looks like you’re not doing anything.” – but it’s so much effort to swip and log on over and over and over again all day long. 

“Don’t just sit at the till. You’ll get in trouble” but also “don’t leave the till. You’ll get in trouble” pick a fucking order and stick to it. 

And now I’ve had to buy new shoes because mine “won’t pass scratch in her books” why don’t you pay me an extra £60 a week then if I need more shoes because I can’t buy standard cheap ones. They hurt the actual fuck off my feet.

Ugh. I’m just hugely anxiety filled about this whole thing. My life is going to turn into hell. I’m going to have to find a new job. Maybe one where I can colour my hair brightly and not be screamed at… 


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