Life Problems


I’ve lost the knack for fancy titles but to be fair I’ve probaby used them all by now so. dates it is for the time being.

I’ve decided a couple of things. 

All unimportant and entirely self revolving. But I’m just going to start getting stuff done. finished if you will. 

There’s a couple of things I’ve been wanting to do and I think I’ve had enough of just thinking about it. So.  

I’ma get the ball rolling on them. It’s probably a slow process considering ive had forever and every time a year passes I regret being a semi coward about these things. I’m sure I’ve grown up a little in the last year at least. I never missed a dentist appointment. I went to the doctor when Id had enough of being entirely wrecked up with pain and I did let the dentist stab me in the mouth with horrifically sharp needles and didn’t even flinch. 

I’ve also decided I’m not going to comment on or think about my friends leaving(at least for now). the choice should really be unaffected by me and as long as it’s what she wants to do then that’s fine.

I don’t know what’s going to happen this year but I’m sure it will turn out well enough. 

Live long and prosper.


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