Life Problems

Friday 13th Jan

Hey kids.

Let’s get right into it.

Everything makes me sad. 

I suppose it’s legitimate reasons but I used to be soul-less. 

I swapped a shift with someone at work. I wouldn’t have had a problem with it. I usually swap if someone needs to as long as I don’t have an appointment. Shes going to her daughters hen night. She bought me some chocolate as a thank you and when I tried to refuse because really its not a big deal to me. She told me that everyone else had refused to swap with her. IT made me feel really bad. That they all said no even though it’s obviously fairly high up on the importance scale. It’s odd. 

I sit and watch TV and I get the feels and tear up and it’s horrible.

To another subject. It’s snowing!… everywhere but here. It’s just deathly cold and entirely uncomftorble. 

My room is freezing. The heating is off. And I’m pretty sure my feet are going to get frost bite. 

I need to get up early. 

Wish me luck 


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