Life Problems


I’m dead tired.

And I ate too much Chinese so I feel kind of sick. 

Have you ever wanted life to both slow down and hurry up all at the same time? 

I want everything to stop changing but I also want to be in a better position in life that I know is going to take time.

I want to have those realisations about someone like 

I need some things to aim for but in all honestly I’ve got nothing.

There’s a few small things I want to do but nothing really that important. Even when I was in school I aimed low because I didn’t want to be disappointed with my life “I wanna be a hobo when I grow up” they all thought it was a joke. And it sort of was but it was easier than saying that I had no expectations of doing anything great with my life. 

I don’t do feelings well. At least not feelings and sharing. 


I am tired. My shoulder hurts. I have to be up for work by 10. While not early it’s still not ideal. 

Good night


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