I’ve done a lot of work recently. My last day off was only on Saturday. I’m so tired.. but I slept so long yesterday. I ended up on the Nytol but a solid 7 hours of sleep is pretty good. 

My tooth aches. I think it’s just because I’m thinking about the dentist and having them out on Saturday.  My work is having trouble rearranging my Sunday so I’m not even sure if I’ll be able to have it off. I don’t look foward to this at all. I might honestly need more than a day off after the fact but I don’t want to be a huge pain. 

Life is long. And you are hot.
Ugh. Oh well. It’ll work itself out. 

I the mean time I’ll make myself feel better by wearing a lot of wigs and marveling at how much D I would get if I was skinnier

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