Life Problems

I am Me

Some times its all I know about myself. 

That I’m me and that right now I’m just… tired and monotone and probably no fun.

How does everyone else look so awake in the morning? I’ve been up for an hour and I still look like trash.

I had to leave pretty fast this morning.  I didn’t have time to do my eyeliner or eye shadow. I did grab them on my way out though so I’m sitting in costa coffee slowly applying my makeup and hoping that bus guy didn’t notice how much of my old eyeliner had flaked off.

He sat next to me. It was mildly uncomftorble. I just turned my music up and scrolled through my news feed. Not an intresting thing on the bloody thing though. 

So here I am. Iced caramel latte in one hand eyeliner and mascara in the other trying not to think about tomorrow and worrying about what I’ll need to be doing at work today. Who knew life would go this way.


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