Hospital Happiness 

Or gore and horror.. which ever.

So basically I turned up at 7:15am as asked. Thinking I was going in instantly. Nope. I had to watch as one by one my room mates were dragged away and returned mostly unconscious. 

I didn’t actually go anywhere until 11:45. 

Carted away.

Now I’m really bad at needs and probable stabbings etc but everything kind of fuzzy now. I remember being walked right the was to the end of the building told to take off my shoes and dressing gown. And then whisked into another room. I held the door’s open for the lady with the bed because .. I just didn’t like doing nothing. 

The surgeon guy was so nice it was creepy. You know that level of calm and nice that just gives you the absolute fucking goosebumps. Then they wrapped a nose tube around my face and ears and i thought it smelled funny and mildly contemplated if they added a snell or if it just was like that… then the anethnatist stabbed me in the hand and everything kind of becomes blocks of information. I remember getting the gum injections. The one in the corner felt like it went to deep now that I think about it. More gum injections. Then some poking.. I guess he must have asked if it was numb but I don’t remember him testing it. I remember something hurting and then getting more injections and I remember seeing my blood covered first tooth  between the little gap in the gaze they’d covered my eyes with to protect from the ultra bright light…. but I think the second broke up when they were trying to remove it. I remember hearing snapping but I couldn’t feel anything so it was fine just unnerving.  It felt like no time at all.. but I was gone about an hour. I remember telling them on my way out that I hadn’t been so chill in upwards of 12 years. But I don’t remember the response.

So .. long story short. It wasn’t so bad. The worst part was the waiting. 

And now I’m just trying not to over exert because it seems to make everything bleed so. 

Bed and sleep and drugs


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