Friend Problems · Life Problems


That’s not his name. It’s not even close.

So.. those of you that have been around for… a very very long time. Know everything about what happened with Roy.

TL;DR – Best friends for 3 years. I lied, we met, he lied. And then I was broken for a good 4/5 months before I started pulling my shit together and moving on with my life.

Guess who’s back. *music* back again.

Shady’s back!

It’s different this time. I don’t feel sad or any feelings that equate to me ending up curled up in bed crying (at least not because of him). 

We are just talking. It’s hard to justify talking to him to people that know the general information about what happened. And I can totally understand why. I was a horrific mess of a human being when he dropped the goodbye bomb and left me in a catatonic blur eye’d coma.

But. I don’t think they see past the fact that I had feeling for him. If I didn’t there would never have been a problem and we would have been best friend still .. or that’s what I like to think at least. 

It’s nice to have someone to talk to when the rest of the world is busy talkinf to everyone else or asleep or just ignoring you for fun.

I’m sure he’ll disappear again soon enough but for now it’s better than staring at a wall.


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