Life Problems

Totes the worst

So this is already the worst month of the  so far.

I’m ill. I had two of my teeth out and the whole work money thing. Ugh. 

I have to go in. If I don’t they’ll suspect I’m faking it because of the events of last week. Plus I’ve got three absences in the last 12 calander months already. I hate everything about work now.

Like I really really do.

I hate the new manager. The assistant manager doesn’t really tall to me. Idiot terrorist is getting special treatment and I have nothing to do to occupy my mind 90% of the time. 

I should look for a new job. But I just want everything to fix it’s self. I want the new boss to fuck off and I want her to leave in a humiliating head hanging, clear your desk out. Kind of way. 

I’m so tired.


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