Life Problems


I had so many last night. 

I don’t know why but they were so vivid. It was like before I met Roy. 

Nightmare after nightmare.

Obviously something is wrong but I couldn’t tell you what it might be.

One of them was particularly awful.. I’ll write it out and add it to my story blog and edit it into this post I think: 

It’s blindingly bright.

It hurts my eyes and I squint as shapes appear in my vision becoming disernable and obvious before the details come into focus. 

The room is small and rectangular blindingly white and sterile. With a square, doorless closet in the corner. There are five tables. Each with two chairs and I’m sitting at one against a longer wall. I see no doors but I don’t feel trapped. Just confused. Each table has a glass, half full of water, a napkin dispenser, a glass bottle labeled sauce filled with a clear thick liquid and a set of knives and forks. 

There is only one other person in this room. Its a woman  with long dark hair. I can’t really make out her face I just know she looks normal. I think she’s wearing a hospital gown but I don’t look hard enough to see if it is or just an over sized t-shirt. 

I look back at my table and have a sip of water before asking the woman where I am. She doesn’t reply so I stand and repeat my question. “Where are we?” Again she doesn’t reply and I walk over and put my hands on the top of her table. “What kind of sauce even is this?! Where am I? ” I bang my hand on the table hoping to get her to answer me. But I’m looking at the glass bottle and it changes to a brown liquid. I don’t know how but I know it’s BBQ sauce and that everything on the table changes if you think hard enough about what you want to drink or eat. 

Suddenly the woman shouts “NO” and pushes the BBQ sauce off of the table. The lid flies off and the sauce should go everywhere but it stops and pools and drips down in the air in strange places as if it’s stuck to something. 

Beneath the sauce the air pulls and twists and skin appears to reveal a somewhat naked and mutated woman in a wheelchair, her eyes are red and blood shot her teeth are pointed and crooked, there’s blood around her mouth and her hair is grey, long and greasy. She looks like a horrible almost genderless monster and she’s staring at me. Her jaw unhinges and she lunges violantly at me knocking me to the floor.
So it was really bad. I hope it was a one night thing.


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