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To Travel the World

It’s intresting that everyone wants to. Maybe it’s just novel and I guess a great ego boost to say you’ve been there! But I’ve never really been intrested in traveling. The only times I’ve ever thought about it are times that I’ve wanted to run away from the world and to be honest my dart never falls far from home. 

I want to sit in beautiful places but the things I focus on are always more the quiet and the possibilities of the people that I would end up going with. 

If I wanted to go to Paris and stand under the Eiffel tower i’d want it to be sunset, on a warm day after drinking coffee while the town is sleeping. 

Maybe it’s because I hate crowds and holidays and traveling are usually spent wading around with strangers in close proximity, but worse because I can’t get my head around their language. so I’d probably be “that one asshole who ‘couldn’t be bothered’ to learn a phrase or two” 

It doesn’t really mean I don’t want to go anywhere I just don’t expect it to be anything like the way I want it. 

With friends it won’t be like lizzy maguire. Being mistaken for a pop singer and ending up with a wheel of cheese in the streets of Rome.  Hell we probably wouldn’t even eat ten tons of pizza and pasta like every other group of humans. 

I wouldn’t want to go to all the places that everyone else goes to.

Im really not that explore-y either. 

The reality is that i’d probably follow others around day dreaming about boys, complaining about walking and wondering what kind of amazing things would never happen to someone like me.

Time for bed I think


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