Friend Problems · Life Problems

Annoyed In Narnia

Okay so I just really wanted to vent I guess. I don’t need the feed back or comments of belittle ment on the other parties part.

You may remember my ex manager, Carl. For those that don’t I’ll sum it up as I was somewhat obsessive over him and boarding on stalkerisms.  I say boardering because at least I refused to commit his address or licenser plate numbers to memory when I had the chance.. 

So about half an hour – fourth five minutes ago I shared a post of Chris Pratts “what’s my snack” video and to my dismay only one person had liked it so I went back to the original post (when you click the video to play it goes back to the post you shared it from automatically) I was about half way through, laughing myself into a small intestinal trauma when I glanced at the describing and the reactions.

Now next to the reactions is a little thing that tells you how many people have liked the video. 

And what do I see?! (You totally know where this is going) 

You, Carl Jenkins and 7k other people like this post. 

You. utter. bastard. 

Ignore my existence as you may try to make it seem. STOP DEPRIVING ME OF MY LIKES. God damn. Don’t even throw a girl a bone when she’s in a bad mood. Dear god. 

I just wanna yell at him in his face and demand my facebook like. 



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