Life Problems


I was having a pretty good day.

Weirdly enough I woke up early. Cleared my bed, washed my work clothes, changed my sheets and I felt pretty good and then … I just kind of … fell apart I guess. 

One of those sudden and debilitating sinking feelings that run through your heart and soul. 

I wish I could sleep when I feel like this. Just close my eyes and brethren away the bad thoughts and the heavy darkness resting on my soul but its neverreally an option. It’s times like this that I stay awake. When the insomnia kicks in and I stay saying at a speck on the ceiling that i’d either dirt from my indoor gardening ventures or  spider so small it looks like dirt. Either way I won’t be sleeping.  I was talking to some people but I don’t really felt like it now. When the sinking feeling sets in its very hard to even bother talking to other people. 

“Who cares it’s not like me talking to you matters to either of us” etc.

Oh to be carefree and pretty


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