Life Problems

Beyond A Shadow

I feel awful. 

I just want to stay in bed. I feel like the bags under my eyes should be huge. You know in movies where people are all sweaty and sallow and grey looking? I feel like I look like that. I don’t. But I feel like I do. 

I hate it here. It’s loud. There’s constantly yelling or complaining. I go out my room and my brother (yeah I have two) asks me to do shit or tells me things that were entierly unnecessary to know.  I can’t tell you how entierly tedious it is to have the almost exact same pointless conversations every single day for so many years.

My patience has entierly crumbled to dust.

All my bones hurt. My knees, my shoulder, my neck and spine. Everything.

This is probably why I’m so tired physically. I wake up tired. Go to work tired.  Shower tired. Watch TV tired. Go to bed tired.. I’ve really had enough. 

I have tomorrow off. So I’m just going to sleep as long as I can manage and hope it’s easier when I finally have to get out of bed.

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