I found myself in peculiar situation. 

I don’t remember a lot of the beginning of this dream but I remember having a terrible time and accidently breaking down on a live post and crying. It must have only been up for a few seconds and I got a bunch of messages from Carl (yeah yeah my brain is pretty transparent) they were all along the line of “are you okay” etc.  And then the conversation got awkward and there was no more to say. 

Then it was night and I was leaving my house (not actually my house). The other side of the road was all green with an ally way with and light shinning from down it. 

The light went out and I thought it was strange so I walked across the road, the light came back on, but we carried on down the ally which curved around to sit parallel with the road and Carl was there laying on the floor on his belly next to the low standing street light like ‘oh shit I’ve been had’. 

I Asked him what he was doing and he just sort of hopped up off the floor and put his hands in the front of this big hoody and goes “uh nothing”.

And then for some reason I was insisting that he give me a hug like “come here” 

Which was super odd 


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