I’ve had enough of people not really taking any notice of what I’m saying.

Like truly had enough. Like do not speak to me because the chances are that I will try and fucking kill you. 

When I offer to buy tables from work your response shouldn’t be “I will have a look for them at my work” It should actually make fucking sense when I was the one that even put the fucking idea foward. A simple acknowledgment of my offer might be good instead of just skipping ahead and making it look like it was your idea or that your the one that’s helpful. Fuck you.

And also fuck YOU. Curly headed fuck for being a cunt about everyone else who obviously have some mental stability issues such as depression  (which I also have you fucking dick head), bipolar disorders and just genrally awful life experiences. Go fuck your self because I sure as hell do not want to be your friend. 

And everyone else that is just glossing over any of my fucking statements. You say “We NEED MORE RECRUITS” 

AND I HAVE SAID TEN THOUSAND FUCKING TIMES “We need to do these things to get people to join our group otherwise there’s not really a draw or point in being a member” 

but you just repeat the same fucking mantra in response “WE NEED MORE RECRUITS” 

Fuck.  You.


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