Life Problems

Weird stuff

So I’m tired. 

And lately I’ve been having these weird… bubble sensations in my head. Only for a second or so at a time. But its off putting and distracting. Maybe I’m dying. Maybe it’s stress. Maybe I just don’t have as many brain cells as I thought.

It’s really hot. I hate it when it’s hot. The constant over warmth that is completely inescapable. I hate it. 

I just want to submerge in ice and be left to cool. With no work obligations. But no such luck. 

I think Roy finally blocked me. I can’t be sure because I haven’t messageD him in forever but. His picture has changed to default. I guess it’s okay. It’s not like we talked anymore but it was nice to think that if everything in my life fell to bits I might still have some one to effectively talk me down from the pyer. 

No more safety net. Though I guess I didn’t really feel like he was one but. Yeah.

I want to sleep. It’s hot. And sticky. And gross. 



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