Life Problems

Bruises and Birthdays

I have hurt myself so much the last few days. I pinched my thumb in the pupp’s nail clippers and walked into a stationary metal bench amongst other things. And now have a bruise the size of a tennis ball and it’s so so purple and gross.

I want to sleep and write my story and sleep and have candy… I need to save money for a computer. I’ve actually don’t pretty well this week so far. But it’s still early I guess.

I have two days off thankfully but I don’t know what I’ll do with myself. It’s not easy to write still using just your thumbs to type.  


As for the birthday part of this post. It’s soon. And I’ll be honest I don’t feel that celebratory. It’s not really for any reason either. I mean none of my birthdays have ever gone the way I’d wished so it’s not overly worth the effort. Last year.. There were lots of people and it was good i guess but there were just so many of them. And it was a bit much. I just want to skip the whole thing this year. I just want to maybe go to work and sleep. 

This isn’t really how I thought my life would be at 25.. I mean I wasn’t expecting a lot but I thought I’d have more than this. 

Oh well


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