Friend Problems · Life Problems

I’m annoyed a little..

So I’ve been to busy to vlog and my birthday stuff happened. 

It’s really hot. I hate the sun. I don’t think you know how much I hate it. Like being in it makes me honestly want to tell every person in my presence to fuck off and die.. it makes me hate EVERYTHING.

with that being said. Something else that makes me hate everything is when people plan not to see me.

I know things change. But to go from “you can come over every time you have a day off” and dog sitting to “when I haven’t seen you for a month” and Bla will be there all the time so you won’t need to. 

Basically everything that was originally planned has been thrown out the window. And while I don’t have a problem with that in itself or the aspects individually it’s still kind of shitty to be planned out of someone life just because they met a boy and are moving house.

And to be told “you always see your other friends” as if it doesn’t matter. Is even worse because generally I don’t actually see anyone else. Maybe once a month at larp or when they haven’t seen me for ages but usually I’m in my room. Alone. Waiting for a point in time when you will decide to be a friend again. 

I think I’m out for a while. Just for the safety of others. 

I can’t wait for winter


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