So before I get into this I want to say that I have been on job seekers, my brother has schizophrenia and can’t work so is on benefits so I have litrally no problem with people being on them. You need help? I’m glad you’re getting some.

However in this particular instance I am highly pissed off. I spent £5 on two bags of coliflower cheese and 4 half price pot noodles. And this bitch has the audacity to say to me “SEE LOOK YOU’RE FINE FOR FOOD” bitch it’s got NOTHING to do with me how much money you are getting from the government. I work 32 hours a week right now for my money and you think it’s okay to say that to me? 

I don’t fucking think so. 

Go be angry with Teresa May or what ever local representative we have. Don’t blame me for your crappy situation. You think 32 hours gets me a lot of money? You are dead ads wrong I don’t even get £30 for FOUR HOURS of work. I Have to work for FOUR HOURS a week just to afford to go to work. 

Leave me the fuck out of your blame game.


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