Diet & Fitness Problems · Life Problems

The bed is lava

It’s hot. I’m tired. It’s 3:18am and I’m getting steadily more convinced that I’m dying. 

I’m probably not. But you know how the more you thing about something the more it seems probable? Like thinking you saw a spider and trying to dismiss it but you’re terrified of them so you keep looking for the shadow and then you just start seeing spiders everwhere.. 

I bought a jacket. It doesn’t really fit. I didn’t expect it to. It doesn’t do up and when I tried it on, the day it arrived the arms where rather tight too. A lot of effort to move or reach for something. Three days later and it was raining. Nothing else will detour the rain as well as this. Try it on. 

It fits around the arms. I can swing them freely. 

RAPID AND UNEXPLAINABLE WEIGHT LOSS. PROBABLY DIEBETIES. YOU’VE ALSO BEEN WAKEING UP REAL THIRSTY LATELY. DEFINITLY DYING. – but you know. You have done your entire usual weeks worth of hours in two days. And been working 6/7 days a week minimum. And hardly drinking any water because you’re an idiot. 

Right. That makes sense. Time to sleep.

Close the peepers

You’re definitely dying. See. There was a tiny ache in your kidney. Dyinnnggg. What about all the cramps you’ve been getting? DYING. 

Irregularly high levels of exercise can cause cramps, muscle pains and aches. I’m trying. To. Sleep. 

You’re right it’s probably nothing. 


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