T’was The Night Before Christmas 

And all was quite 

Except for the voices in my head. They’ve been reminding me of a lot of things the last few days and today they have pushed me into a terrible mood..

The most active for the moment is the voice of my doctor “it’s such  a shame because you’ve got a pretty face” but it’s just cut short to “its such a shame” any time anyone says anything nice to me. 

“I like your glitter! It’s so nice”

– Its such a shame about the rest of you.

The other is my realisation after someone really pushed me for an answer. “What do you fantasize about” 

It’s pretty boring usually. It’s not what happens that’s appealing it’s the person I’m thinking about. Now for the average person that probably makes a lot of sense. But for me it’s just depressing. After all, anyone I like seems to like someone else, be entirely uninterested or just want to bang occasionally and that’s really not anything i want.

Not that I blame them day the moment after all.. it’s such a shame about the rest.


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